International trade in e-commerce (e trade) core area of the building will accelerate the construction of international business in Zhengzhou and Henan Province, the pace of free trade area, through the "buy the world, sell global" technology path for the realization of " "National strategic contribution more exciting." International e-commerce hub for cross-border trade through the Internet of Things, airports and high-speed railway connections around the world, the construction of global cross-border trade and e-commerce distribution center and innovation heights, to build five continents around the world world trade hub. Planning and comprehensive advantages of multiple projects, emphasizing the function of multiple composite, the North District, based on comprehensive industrial structure of the bonded area layout logistics warehousing, distribution and distribution, value-added processing and other functions, the central area to display, business, leisure and entertainment, hotel and other concentrated energy function , The Southern layout of the financial, headquarters office, information technology, modern service industry and supporting life and other functions.

Huailai International Motor Sport Park
Conceptual Master Plan of Hebei Zhao County Cultural Portal Area
Master Planning of Guanting Winery in Hebei Province
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