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City Government

Beijing Municipal Planning Commission
Beijing CBD Administrative Committee
West Xian Xian District Government
Zhengzhou Economic Development Planning Bureau
Hefei Baohe District Planning Bureau
Anhui Huangshan District People in the banner
Hebei Tang County People 's Government
Danyang City Lianhu Administrative Committee
People 's Government of Liuzhi City, Guizhou Province
People 's Government of Xinjian County, Shanxi Province
Dongying City, Shandong Province, the estuary area
Tongliao Municipal Government of Inner
Hebei Province Huailai County Government


Development Group

China National Construction Group Corporation
China Construction (Zhengzhou) Urban Development & Construction Co., Ltd
China Construction (Zhengzhou) Urban Development Co., Ltd
Energy Conservation Group Co., Ltd
Beijing Shougang Group Corporation
Beijing SIA City Co., Ltd
Beijing University of unknown group
Hebei Construction Investment Group Corporation
New Energy Company of Jilin Province
Palm Springs Development Co., Ltd.
Huaxia Happiness Foundation Company
Landscape Park Group Co., Ltd
Xian Feng East Real Estate Co., Ltd


Nonprofit organization

American Nature Association
US Energy Foundation
China Smart City Research Institute
Harvard University
University of Michigan
University of California, Berkeley
Beijing Municipal Planning Association
China Architecture Culture Center
China Urban Culture Industry Development Alliance
Beijing Architecture University
Central Academy of Fine Arts


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