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SPD International has participated in the publication of the national new urbanization planning interpretation and local practice to explore sustainable urban design guide and other professional books; many times in the "Chinese environmental art" "living environment" "Beijing planning and construction" magazine published Professional papers and opinion interviews. The introduction of translation, the preparation of the publication of "urban transformation" and other professional writings.


Organized by the Department of Housing and Urban China Cultural Center organized a number of academic forums, salons and professional seminars, and from the Court, in the building of the hospital, the North-yard, Yi Lan, AECOM, Aoya, Xia Yan, And Henderson and other design agencies to explore new urbanization, eco-tourism, cultural landscape, historical and cultural town regeneration and other academic issues, put forward "thinking. Argument" and "real." And other academic point of view, seek common ground Cooperation and seek professional refinement of the collaboration and joint innovation.




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