System integration

Landscape design is a combination of ecological environment, urban functions and social values of the integrated arts, with different scales of the place, creating a different atmosphere of scenery and space for the daily life of the community to add a variety of possibilities. With the strong support of urban design, economic planning and environmental and ecological specialties, with the grand perspective to enhance the overall quality of the environment, leading the landscape professional development.

Best ideas

SPD landscape attaches importance to the shaping of the overall environment and artistic conception, the idea and the Oriental wisdom of the pursuit of artistic conception echoes. Based on professional, experienced and advanced technology, we are committed to grasp the experience of participants, understand the requirements of people to the environment, and then comprehend the nature; from the history and culture and local life to tap the artistic conception, to give each venue unique vitality . In all types of projects, we are pursuing new landscapes that are constantly evolving, with the ultimate goal of giving new experiences to the site, encouraging interaction between people and promoting dialogue between people and the environment.

Sustainable development

Whether it is a regional landscape system, or urban open space or residential district design, creating a unique space experience and mood, we are also more committed to the project to achieve sustainable vitality and sustainable development. SPD landscape will be professional, attitudes and responsibilities of both the attitude to the future, to build the public think of Sri Lanka, things in Sri Lanka, happy homes.


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