Activate Public Waterfront

The waterfront space has become very important city infrastructure of ecology and culture. SPD advocates to create a leisure and nature-friendly place at waterfront area, with blue and green sustainability, ecological safety and localized culture experience.


To create a pleasant and energetic waterfront, a comprehensive cooperation of multi-profession of culture, planning, traffic, municipal and hydraulic engineering should be carried out. SPD believes that landscape design following the framework of urban design can create a better space for citizens and tourists.


The design should follow the river’s original status, identify the site character and activate local culture heritage to satisfy the needs of public. The design language should be simple and artistic. In such a way that a specific designed public waterfront space can serve the people and become the name card of the city.

Refresh Culture Memories

A new built public space should not wipe off site character, city memory and local lifestyle.


SPD is dedicated to explore site context and daily life of local people to inherit the culture. By reserving, renewing, constructing old and new memory spot, our projects attract people to enter and inspire them with new experience. Culture will no longer be the caved words on cold stones, but vivid scenes with humane activities.

Transform Municipal Infrastructure

The municipal infrastructures including sewage plant, garbage station and subway depot are used to be considered as negative spaces and not welcomed by people nearby. Now we have new methods and techniques to develop the areas compositely and may be able to turn them into positive public places or even the center of community. SPD intend to integrate exhibition, ecology, leisure, recreation and other functions into one municipal complex to create a new type of energy recycling center.


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